For me, it’s all about instant gratification!

Some people start plants indoors from seeds-bless their hearts.  It involves dirt, trays, heating pads, special lights, lots of room, patience and cooperative kids & pets.  I didn’t go that route; I don’t have any of those qualifiers and I just couldn’t picture my husband agreeing to let me convert our dining room into a greenhouse!

For the majority of us, our best option is an instant garden provided by the garden centre, which just happens to be one of my favourite places!  I took my eldest and we went a little over board.

I prefer to lay everything out before I start digging to avoid having to transplant if (okay, when) I change my mind and need to adjust spacing.

Ok, so here’s what we’re looking at below.  Starting from the top and going horizontally we have: top two rows-17 Kale & 6 Red Russian Kale.  Next two rows: 18 Buttercrunch lettuce.  Fifth row: 11 Swiss Chard.  Last row just above the plank: 3 small Red Swiss Chard on the left and then 9 spinach-Noble Giant.

And on the other side, starting on the top left and moving horizontally: 6 green onions, 6 leeks, 6 walla walla onions.  The next two rows have 25 beets (one disappeared overnight, I kid you not).  The fourth row has 12 broccoli plants.  The fifth and sixth row are lettuces planted in clumps; on the left we have Romaine, then Ruby Red in the middle, then Head Lettuce on the Right.  The final row alongside the plank has 6 spinach starting from the left and then 3 Red Swiss Chard down on the right.

And then the final product with everything planted:

If you’re wondering if perhaps I’ve over planted, I think it’s safe to say the answer would be a resounding “yes!”.

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5 Responses to For me, it’s all about instant gratification!

  1. Jess says:

    Did you buy organic plants or just regular ones? Which nursery? What is the strap you’ve got around your planter?
    Sorry about all the questions! I told you I was going to drive you crazy 🙂
    I’m running a bit behind, only planning to make the raised bed this weekend …

    • Hey Jess,

      Don’t worry-you’re not running behind at all-last night it got down below freezing!
      I’ve scoped out the nurseries, and honestly they seem to all have the same things for essentially the same price. I really like Dykhof because they do a good job of hardening off their plants (although you should still do it as well). Maple Leaf I usually like but I haven’t been too excited by their vegetables. I’ve been going to Garden Works because they have a loyalty programme-and today it’s an extra 15% off.
      Now I’m running an experiment with that band you saw around the bed; it’s heavy duty sand paper and I’m hoping it will keep out the slugs-but honestly, if it’s that easy I’m sure someone would have thought of it before me!

      Thanks so much for your comment!

  2. Christine says:

    Forget the garden … I’m jealous that you have green grass! Do you remember what kind of soil you used in Calgary? Casey built me a couple of raised beds in the fall, and if the snow ever goes away here, I’m hoping to plant in them.

    • Hey Christine,
      I believe they have potting mix with Seasoil at Sunnyside but you could also just get their premium house brand mix and then add a couple bags of Seasoil to it. A lot of people recommend manure, but animal poop in my vegetable garden has never really appealed to me (!) and since we don’t know what that animal ate or if it was on antibiotics, I really don’t want it near my food source. I’m a huge fan of Seasoil because it’s completely organic, odourless and totally easy to use. Let us know what you end up planting!

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