The Ugliest Thing I’ve Ever Loved

I’m a huge fan of container/patio gardening and it seems as though the big gardening companies are starting to recognize this growing market.  This is great for those in condos or townhouses and it’s a great option for me as I don’t have an obvious place to put up a trellis to support the climbers.  One of my favourite new items from Lee Valley Tools solves both these little dilemmas.

At this stage, it’s really not much to look at…

Putting it on patio stones or a deck is ideal as it will maintain its temperature better; especially important for the germinating seeds.  And it comes with a great liner to keep the moisture in and the weeds out.  I chose to leave out the liner and put mine on the grass to ensure good drainage; either way works.

About five days ago I started soaking Scarlett Runner Bean seeds in water and placing it in the window to accelerate sprouting.

Usually I start Sugar Snap peas the same way, but this year I was able to find some to transplant.  I added ten long bamboo polls that I got from Canadian Tire, planted the bean seeds and peas near the base and voila-another instant garden!

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