Well, they’re not the best looking group I’ve ever seen…

I ran a little experiment last fall.  When I was shutting things down in October I planted some of the hardier herbs to see if they could really over-winter as perennials or if they were just talking a big game.  Little did I know we were in for one of our coldest winters in years!   I’ve checked in with them a few times in the last few months; as you can see they look less than appetizing.

Some partially blacked sage:

What’s left of the oregano.

The thyme-invaded by a rogue iris.

The rosemary-not too bad; a good back-up.  Is it odd I’m relieved to have back-up rosemary…?

Perhaps I’m being too picky-I’m sure they would recover but when I’m going to the effort to cook the last thing I want to do is chance it with some dodgy herbs.  And it’s been said that herbs taste best in their first year of life anyway.  My plan this year is to return to what I’ve done in the past: buy and plant herbs as annuals, use throughout the summer and then freeze the fresh leaves (without drying) to use throughout the winter.

Now the mixed blessing of my yard is that I’ve got so much garden space, but much of it is in the shade and all of it is subject to being trampled, eaten and peed upon; mostly by the dog (but not exclusively, I’m afraid).  So I limit myself to containers and the raised bed for anything edible-which limits my production considerably (and also limits how many plants I can buy-much to the relief of my husband, I imagine).  So in my six measly little pots (feeling sorry for me yet?!) I have crammed in the following:

Rosemary-my very favourite and the first herb my kids could identify.  This is the Garden Pink variety.

Some garlic chives and some parsley- I unintentionally grabbed the “extra tripled curled” variety-we’ll see how that goes.

Here we have the arugula.  The taller one on the left is Rocket, on the right is Astro. Perfect for salads.

On the left we have some very floppy cilantro, on the right we have some Golden oregano.

And finally we have some admittedly unimpressive looking sage (Grower’s Friend) and thyme (English).  They’ll grow.

I also planted several rows of Early Nantes 2 carrots from Mr. Fothergill’s-all the way from the mother-land.  Nothing to see there, at least for now.

So that’s my quota this year for herbs I’m afraid-unless of course anyone can direct me towards a container sale…

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