Let’s try this again….

We have had our coldest April and May in 50 years, with record low sunshine and higher than average rain fall.  I’ve been feeling my share of garden angst, which is quickly put into perspective when considering farmers are also dealing with seed & plant rot and massive crop failures.

This is how the Scarlet Runner bean should look:

What I got: dark brown, mushy, slimy seeds that failed to thrive.  This is the best of what was left.

So round two.  I soaked the remaining beans for a couple of days and replanted just last week.

And alas, we have one survivor.  Though I’m not sure how much light this little guy is going to get being dwarfed by the peas…

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2 Responses to Let’s try this again….

  1. I know exactly what you mean..we planted our garden only to have a late freeze come and wipe out most of what was planted.Since then we have had low temps ,lots of rain and very little sunshine(where it should be in the low 80’s this time of year) Im afraid we wont get much of a harvest this year 😦 Good luck with your garden!!

  2. Lynn says:

    That’s great you have one surviving bean. Is that from your first planting? If from your second, I am amazed it’s up so quickly. I planted my scarlet runner beans about 1 1/2 weeks ago and no sign of life yet. We too have had rain and cool weather in our area. The plants look so pleasing to the eye when they do grow and one even gets a tasty vegy to boot! I feel encouraged. We just need warmth and Mr. Sun!

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