In case you’re better at planning and self control than I am…

I love the idea of winter gardening; I just don’t have the self control necessary to leave myself any space in the garden to do it-this year every available inch has unfortunately been spoken for.  In case you don’t have that problem, or if maybe there’s a corner that was just waiting for some inspiration, the next few weeks is the perfect time to plant some seeds so that you can harvest throughout the winter.

Some good options to try: swiss chard, garlic, spinach, beans, lettuce (Romaine and Red Bowl only; Head lettuce and Buttercrunch have too high a water content to survive freezing), kale, onions & leeks, brussel sprouts, cabbage, purple sprouting brocoli, carrots, beets, rutabaga, cauliflower turnips, Bok Choy and radishes.

And remember, many transplants would wilt in the summer sun.  Plant seeds only, unless starting in late July or August (except for broccoli and brussel sprouts; those transplants can hack it).  The warm soil and sun will help the seeds germinate , the plants will mature in the cooler fall temperatures and essentially be in cold storage throughout the winter for you to use as needed.

And in the meantime, some tomatoes have made their first appearance:

And everything else appears to be progressing rather smoothly:

I didn’t just “jinx” myself, did I?

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