Strong like Popeye

I recently realized that nothing makes me feel older than saying something I soon discover is completely culturally irrelevant to my children!  Thankfully this ineffective, Popeye-themed motivation isn’t much required with my kids-they help themselves to spinach right in the garden (at the great peril of the plants themselves, unfortunately).

You can see here the remaining spinach that has managed to stay planted despite the little hands that harvest it; that’s it on either side of the wooden walkway.

It seems crazy, but we’re already nearing the end of spring’s spinach season.  You can see by the flowers that it’s already started to bolt, so it doesn’t have a lot of time left.  I’ve already cut off the flowers to slow it down and I’ll be harvesting a lot of it today.  We’ll enjoy the regrowth until the leaves start to thicken and taste “woody”, then it’s time to pull out the plant until we can start the cooler late Summer/early Fall planting.

One more picture for good measure:

I’ll be sad to see it go…

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