You look away for a moment…

And all of a sudden your garden is out of control and has taken on a life of its own.  As you can see here, the Red Russian Kale has gone to flower, the spinach, kale and swiss chard have shot up and all of the lettuce is in need of harvesting.  How does it happen all at once?!

Of course there are many advantages of a quickly growing garden, not the least of which is getting to see the second generation of your plants come up.  Here we have some new butter crunch lettuce, compliments of the “cut and come again” method that I wrote about earlier.  Instead of pulling out the entire plant when harvesting, I took a knife and sliced the head off, leaving the roots intact.  A couple of weeks later and we can see the regrowth appearing.

The challenge will now be harvesting everything before it’s no longer usable. Anyone hungry?!

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1 Response to You look away for a moment…

  1. Lynn says:

    What a lush garden! You mentioned earlier that your beans were not growing well. Is that what is the tall plant at the back on your climbing planter or is it peas? Either way, they certainly have grown well? Have you been enjoying your bounty? Mine have just started to climb and it is great going out each day and seeing the growth. Hopefully reap the benefits before frost! I find your blog site very encourage and enjoy reading it each posting I receive. Thanks.

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