A Practical Elegance

Some of you will remember my aesthetically unpleasing yet wonderfully utilitarian apparatus from Lee Valley.  It was pressed into service again this year; for more information please click here.

Here we have the crowd pleasing sugar snap peas alongside some standard green and pole beans.  I’ll save my favourite Scarlet Runner for mid-season.

And just in case you wondered what they looked like below the soil:

These had just sprouted, yet some of the roots were already six inches long!

The greenhouse continues to be a blessing in overabundance.  Some of the lettuce is being harvested much earlier than I had anticipated!

It barely got any time at all to grow-but it tastes delicious!

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3 Responses to A Practical Elegance

  1. lindsie says:

    I’ve finally got myself organized to plant something edible in my back “yard”. All in containers mind you, but at least its something. If you have any extra seedlings you want to pass my way, just holler! So far I have 2 tomatoes, some strawbs, rasps, and snap peas. Looking for other options for a space that gets some sun – but not full sun all day.

  2. SimpleP says:

    What a great garden! My peas and lettuce are just popping, and this weekend’s project is building something to keep the critters from munching. We also just built our greenhouse, so I’m enjoying seeing how you grow things in yours. Enjoy your veggies!

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