Genius or Gimmick?

Like many of us, I have been curious about the recent upside-down gardening fad, but have been reluctant to jump in.  Until, that is, I realized a bought a greenhouse which had, until last week, several metres of unused space, just beyond my reach but begging for a purpose.

I’m still not completely sold on the idea; so far the plants have been curling upwards towards the sun, but hopefully the extra weight they gain as they grow will remedy that.  Also, it’s pretty important to keep water off the leaves and fruit of tomatoes, which of course is pretty hard to do when you water them from above.  Time will tell.

The carrots seem to be doing well.  I always plant them in containers so I can protect them from the nefarious rust fly.  Read more about that here.  There’s nothing better than fresh carrots straight from the garden but I always feel conflicted-they take such a long time to grow and are gone in two meals or less!

We’ll see if the raccoons and skunks are gracious enough to leave any for us!

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1 Response to Genius or Gimmick?

  1. Granny says:

    I have not visited in a while, but it is always a pleasure to return. The greenhouse seems to be offering plenty of opportunities for trial and error. Why is it that we equate this structure with a perfect, sanitized, heavenly place? I one way to look at it is that nature offers challenges even in “controlled” environments and perhaps there would be call for real concern if the plants grew perfectly, looking like flawless plastic reproductions. They might even taste like it. There might be some companion planting strategies suited for the greenhouse harvest. Just a thought. Always enjoy reading your composure between the lines.

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